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Entropy Zero is a cyber/rock band from Nantes founded in 2017. Strongly influenced by science fiction, the project’s goal is to stimulate imagination through music and image. Halfway between band and film music, this trio of experienced musicians offers instrumental music illustrated by scripted video projections.

Their influences are numerous and the range of atmospheres  offered goes from cyber/electro to post-rock, passing through planing atmospheres or punchy metal sequences.

Entropy Zero released an EP (5 titles) “Mind Machine” in 2018 which receives good reviews and performs as well on stage as at convention (Geek, SF, Retro) to Belgium. In 2019, the group participates in the “voice of hell” and passes the two tours for finishing in the finalists. Their first album will be released at the end of 2019

Pseudo: F

Registration: F-2301

Speciality: Cyber Machines
He creates the project in 2017 and is leading composition, production and live videos. He plays keyboard, keytar & machines in live shows.

Pseudo: K

Registration: K-74

Speciality: Hybrid Strings
Skilled to find good tricks in every situations. He plays bass/guitar in live shows.

Pseudo: J

Registration: J-808

Speciality: Quantum Beat
Expert & referent for live gears. He plays augmented drums in live shows.

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