Entropy Zero is a French (Nantes) cyber/rock band founded in 2017 by F-2301. Strongly influenced by science fiction, the project’s goal is to stimulate imagination through music and image. Halfway between band and film music, the two brothers (F-2301 on Keytar & K-74 on bass) offer instrumental musics illustrated by scripted video projections.

Their influences are numerous and the range of offered atmospheres goes from cyber/electro to post-rock, passing through space atmospheres or punchy metal sequences. The band performs as well on stage as at convention (SF, Japan, Gaming) in Europe. Depending of the event, they also propose very well known Sci-Fi cover (Dune from David Lynch, Star Wars, Hokuto No Ken…).

Entropy Zero released its first album “Mind machine: a new experience” in 2019 with the label send the wood (season of mist distribution) and received very good reviews. In 2020 the single FPS, dedicated to video games, comes out as a video clip with a lot of professional cosplayers. In Mai 2021, their new creation “Quantum Gates” is released and present a complete content with musics, videos and video game in the Bunker Zero universe… There are now working on their next video clip that will be one more step towards a short movie.



contact [at] entropyzero [dot] fr


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